Monday, January 30, 2006

Where Is the Green Sheep? by Mem Fox

Where Is the Green Sheep?

by Mem Fox
Illustrated by Judy Haracek
Ages 1-5
Topics: sheep, opposites, pairs

In this simple book, we find pairs of sheep with both opposite and associated traits. For example, there's the thin sheep and the wide sheep, the swing sheep and the slide sheep. The book is structured in two sets of rhyming couplets, then the repeated question, "But where is the green sheep? The book's ending asks listeners to "turn the page quietly" and the green sheep is found fast asleep.

The book provides an amusing vehicle to introduce and reinforce some basic and familiar adjectives to very young children. The simple line-drawn sheep are winsome and wacky and clearly demonstrate the trait described. There's lots of white space in this book giving the illustrations a clean, open feeling. The ink-drawn sheep are beautifully enhanced with bright watercolors - the gleeful sheep in the bubble bath is a standout. There's also enough details in the illustrations to keep the book interesting as children grow older - the animals looking out the train windows, and the finale sheep page where the sheep are engaged in a variety of exciting activities.

Mem Fox is a literacy consultant and has written many children's picture books including The Magic Hat and Koala Lou. Judy Horacek is an author and cartoonist. This is her first picture book.

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