Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Russell the Sheep by Rob Scotten

Russell the Sheep
By Rob Scotton
Ages 4-8
Topics: Sheep, Sleep
ISBN#: 0-06-059849-2

This charmer is about Russell, a sheep who can’t get to sleep. He tries lot’s of things to get to sleep from making it really dark to sleeping in the hollow of a tree. He eventually settles on counting things, including “six hundred million billion and ten” stars. Even that doesn’t work! Russell eventually does get to sleep –can you guess how?

The illustrations for this book are outstanding and will appeal to both adults and children. Russell is a fluffy, squarish sheep with a long blue and white striped sleeping hat and wide-eyed expression. He is always accompanied by an unnamed frog companion, who adds a lot with body language and facial expressions. The sheep, when they do sleep, sleep on their backs with four legs straight in the air. All the scenes are in a twilight blue/purple/green color scheme which is very dreamy.

Rob Scotton is one of Britain’s leading illustrators for a variety of products, but this is his first picture book.

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